Restaurant bistronomique à Bruxelles


Le Comptoir des Galeries has taken over the former Hart workshops, suppliers to the Royal Household, and creators of the Belgian Constitution medal. The Comptoir opens into a 60-seat restaurant. Composing both the architecture and decoration, the duo Fleur Delesalle and Camille Flammarion envisioned a space with an open kitchen, inviting, bright, and comfortable, structured into several rooms and two levels around a planted patio.
The wooden tables, the two bars adorned with ceramic, and the ceilings with geometric coffers extending into the mirrors, form the identity of the place.
The grand pendulum and the press equipment of the ancient workshops have been preserved intact and beautifully restored in the lounge areas.



Private booking available for groups of 35 or more.
Group formulas available for 10 or more.

Please mention any food allergies or intolerances by replying to the confirmation email, or simply by phone. However, it is imperative to remind our maître d’hôtel of your allergy when ordering.

A cobblestone street in the center, at the crossroads of the Royal Gallery, Brussels.

Discretion itself. Without the small sign on the brick wall or the green letters on the glass windows, one might have walked right past. Wood and designer ceramic with beautiful lines of perspective where gazes wander off. Rooms with high ceilings leading to a plant-filled terrace. A long kitchen with glass windows. Beautiful light. Everything is serene. The chef caught us with the corner of his eye. I don’t know about the others, but I get the feeling he’s about to offer me exactly what I’m craving. I don’t even know why my three friends are looking at the menu. Nice wines. Let’s go for the biodynamic Chardonnay. What’s that huge thing in the back? A medal press? … Okay. The others ask questions about Delaunay’s lithographs and Buren’s cabin in the mezzanine. I’ll go later… they’re starting to really move in the kitchen, it’s beautiful to watch. What a ballet! – “How about going to the Galeries Cinema just after?” I seem to be the only one following the thread of my thoughts. They seem keen to stay glued to their bench and talk, talk. Fortunately, the starters arrive. A big silence. Which won’t last.