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Chef Damien Brunet
Skillfully articulated around taste and surprise in the mouth, Damien Brunet’s culinary score is inherited from the Japanese fundamentals of cutting, cooking, and plating.
At Le Comptoir des Galeries, the quest for Umami is found in every dish served to the table.
One whose original training is in music, is confident in his movements, paced by a rhythm so well-practiced it seems natural.
His Breton origins are found in the secret of his preparations, which have the land/sea in their blood.
Cuisine Néo-Bistrot



Private booking available for groups of 35 or more.
Group formulas available for 10 or more.

Please mention any food allergies or intolerances by replying to the confirmation email, or simply by phone. However, it is imperative to remind our maître d’hôtel of your allergy when ordering.
La gastronomie du chef Damien Brunet
Chef du Comptoir des Galeries

Small review, and a true experience sharing /

Cooking can express things – big things and small things, meaning, in fact. This chef loves it. You can perceive it beyond words. Some people are technicians or poets and have a beautiful way of saying things with words. But cooking has its own language. And with it, you can express so many things, because you have time and preparation. You have the dish. You have the wine. You also have the place, Le Comptoir des Galeries, which contributes a lot. You have so many tools, down to the specific shapes of the glasses, plates, and even cutlery. Cooking is simply food for our bodies, but it can nourish us in a thousand different ways because it must also be accepted by our minds. It must tell us a story. Almost make us imagine a world. That’s why plating is so important for chefs. When he has an idea for a recipe, Damien Brunet is already in this incredible language.”